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Dana White Talks Conor McGregor & more!
Dana White recently spoke to about the contenders in the UFC Featherweight Division. Here is what he had to say… “Especially with all the excitement in that division with Conor McGregor, Cub Swanson and Frankie Edgar – that division is so exciting that people are talking about freaking Nik Lentz and Dennis Bermudez. I told Cub and Frankie, ‘Don’t worry about anything you hear with all the Conor McGregor talk and all the other stuff. You worry about Cub Swanson and you worry about Frankie Edgar.’ Believe me, the fact that people are arguing over who should get a title shot in the 145-pound division isn’t a bad thing. It’s a good thing.”

Medeiros Discusses Training For Legacy 45 Bout
Posted on 12 Sep 2015
by Staff

MMAjunkie recently interviewed women’s strawweight fighter Kaline Medeiros on her upcoming fight with Cathina Catron. The bout is scheduled for later tonight at Legacy FC 45, which will be broadcast live on AXS TV. Below are some highlights.

Medeiros on her loss to Peggy Morgan: “Against Peggy Morgan, I wouldn’t say it was a difficult fight, despite the fact that I lost. There was some controversy. She came in heavy at 136 pounds, and I weighed 125 pounds. I dominated the standup, though I ended up breaking my hand. Her height was certainly a problem. One of my lessons was not to fight outside of my natural weight class so I can have opponents closer to my size. Peggy is around 6-foot-2, and I’m only 5-3. In that fight, she resorted to taking me down, even though she had no success in submitting me. And she couldn’t stand up with me, since I was much faster. All in all, it was a good fight, but I learned to stay in my weight class.”

Medeiros on training with Mark DellaGrotte and Daniel Gracie: “With them, I keep improving on every facet. The only recent change was that I worked with Amanda Nunes and Nina Ansaroff for a week. They give me lots of tips that I plan to use on my next fight. Nothing will get in the way of my victory. Be sure of that.”

Medeiros on her relationship with UFC fighter Amanda Nunes: “We chat every day. I always listen to what she has to say. If I could train with her full-time, I would. Unfortunately I have to work and other responsibilities. We’ve trained together in New Jersey, and in Miami. She helped me for my last fight, and she’ll be at this next one, too. She’ll be in my corner. We are sisters, friends and partners. I try to mirror her will power and to be the kind of person she is.”

Medeiros on working in construction as well and not giving up on her fight career: “I never give up. I’m a fighter. I work every day. I work in construction. Amanda was wondering how I manage to work and fight at the same time. It’s heavy work. But I never let that get in the way. I have my life outside the cage, and I don’t plan on stopping that. I know my dreams in the cage will come true at the right moment.”


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