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Dana White Talks Conor McGregor & more!
Dana White recently spoke to about the contenders in the UFC Featherweight Division. Here is what he had to say… “Especially with all the excitement in that division with Conor McGregor, Cub Swanson and Frankie Edgar – that division is so exciting that people are talking about freaking Nik Lentz and Dennis Bermudez. I told Cub and Frankie, ‘Don’t worry about anything you hear with all the Conor McGregor talk and all the other stuff. You worry about Cub Swanson and you worry about Frankie Edgar.’ Believe me, the fact that people are arguing over who should get a title shot in the 145-pound division isn’t a bad thing. It’s a good thing.”

Frank Mir Wants A Rematch With Andrei Arlovski
Posted on 20 Sep 2015
by Staff

In an interview with Chael Sonnen’s podcast, Frank Mir spoke about his decision loss to Andrei Arlovski at UFC 191 and said that he wants a rematch. Here are highlights:

On the loss to Arlovski: “I think it was a close fight. I don’t think it was one-sided. I thought the first round edged out close to him. In the second round I was able to force him against the cage and take him down and was on top for a while until he basically stalled out and just held on and got the referee to start the fight over. I don’t think that’s a tactic that should be rewarded. Just hold on and hope the referee saves you and gets you standing on your feet. I think that should deduct points in the eyes of the judges. At the end of the fight, in my mind, in the second and third rounds it was back and forth in the stand up exchanges but I scored a knock down and I was on top working for submissions. ‘I’m definitely going to get the nod.'”

On being shocked by the result: “When the judges’ scores came out the way they did I was a little shocked. I’ve always seen guys that get hit really hard in fights and dropped and they don’t realize it until after the fight. You’ll see [UFC commentator] Joe Rogan argue with them. ‘OK, you were out here.’ ‘No I wasn’t.’ So when I went back to my corner I asked them, ‘Did I get knocked down? Do I not remember it? Did I get hit harder than I got hit?’ They were like, ‘No man, you weren’t down.’ What the heck’s going on here? Sometimes, in the fight, things go differently than you imagined. ‘He was down twice, right? Different rounds?’ You just shrug your shoulders. Even walking to the back, the commission guys were looking at me shaking their heads.”

On wanting a rematch: “Right now, the only logical conclusion I can draw is to push for a rematch,” said Mir. “I know this has had to have put a hold on Arlovski’s forward momentum. It’s put a hold on mine so I think the only way to really help each other out is that we fight again so we can have a much more conclusive victor. He got the decision but I think the majority of people think I won the fight. Neither one of us is really moving forward.”


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